Emerald Club® members can earn rental credits toward Free Rental Days and elite status with qualifying rentals at thousands of participating Enterprise neighborhood and airport locations throughout North America and Europe. It's one more benefit we've added to the privileged service you already enjoy with your Emerald Club membership.

‡ Free Rental Day covers base rate (Time and Mileage) only.
I rented from an Enterprise location using my Emerald Club number. Why do I not see the Emerald Club rental credit on my profile?
- Certain Enterprise locations do not offer Emerald Club credits. Non-participating locations are listed here.

Non-Participating Locations


Wisconsin: Outgamie County Airport, Austin Straubel Airport, Dane County Airport (Madison), General Mitchell Field

British Columbia: Kamloops Airport, Kelowna International Airport, North Peace Regional Airport, Comox Valley Airport
Ontario: Thunder Bay International Airport
Saskatchewan: Regina International Airport

Can I redeem my award days at Enterprise?
- No, Emerald Club Free Days are only available for redemption at National.
‡ Free Rental Day covers base rate (Time and Mileage) only.
What is a qualifying rental?
- A "qualifying rental" is defined as the number of vehicle rentals with, or the number of days they rent, a vehicle from National Car Rental locations and all participating Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand locations in each calendar year in the fifty (50) US States or Canada ("Rental Frequency Information"). A qualifying rental does not include (and credits will not be issued) on the following type of rentals: rentals on rate plans for accounts that do not allow employees to participate in award programs; insurance replacement rentals; dealer replacement, body shop or fleet replacement rentals; rentals by employees of Enterprise Holdings, Inc. or its affiliates or subsidiaries, licensee and licensee employees booked under an employee discount rate; or when a member chooses to receive mileage, credits or points for a frequent traveler program (such as, but not limited to, an airline frequent flyer or hotel points program).

If I don't get Emerald Club rental credit for an eligible Enterprise rental, what should I do?
- Please allow 36 hours for qualifying Enterprise rental activity to post to your Emerald Club profile. If after 36 hours the activity is not appearing, confirm that the rental location is a participating location and then call Emerald Club Member Services at 1.800.962.7070, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm EST.
Will my Enterprise rentals count toward elevating my Emerald Club status?
- Yes, your qualifying Enterprise rentals count toward elevating your Emerald Club status and help you gain higher status within Emerald Club. Elite status in Emerald Club provides additional rental benefits when renting at National, but not at Enterprise.
When I rent from Enterprise, will I get the same vehicle choice benefit I enjoy with Emerald Club?
- No, but you will receive Enterprise’s award winning service which includes an expedited counter transaction. You will be charged for the vehicle class you rent.
When will my earned rental credits appear on my Emerald Club profile?
- Rental credits will be posted to your Emerald Club profile within 36 hours of the return of your Enterprise rental.
How can I confirm that rental credits for my qualifying Enterprise rental have been added to my Emerald Club profile?
- To confirm rental credit activity on your Emerald Club profile, log into your profile at emeraldclub.com. Once logged in, click on the Reward Preference link under Profile Update in the left column. All rentals that have had a rental credit applied will be listed in the Reward Details list, including the number of deposited rental credits.
Will the credits from my Enterprise rentals be displayed on my online Emerald Club profile?
- Yes, the credits from your Enterprise rentals will be displayed on your Emerald Club profile, but the rental details may not be available.
If I am opted in to earn frequent flyer miles or hotel points with National, will I earn Emerald Club rental credits when renting with Enterprise?
- No, only Emerald Club members currently opting for Emerald Club credits are eligible to earn additional rental credits when renting with Enterprise. You can check or change your reward preference at any time by logging in at emeraldclub.com.

I have a corporate account with National, which provides benefits such as damage waiver. Will Enterprise recognize these benefits?
- Check with your company’s travel manager on your specific benefits.
Will Enterprise recognize my Emerald Club preferences?
- Individual Emerald Club preferences, such as damage waiver and fuel, aren’t recognized at Enterprise. However, Enterprise can easily add these options at the time of your rental.
Will I need to show a credit card when I rent from Enterprise?
- Yes, you will need to provide a credit card at the time of rental.
Will I need to sign a rental agreement each time I rent from Enterprise?
- Yes, Enterprise requires a signature to process your credit card payment at each rental. The Emerald Club master rental agreement (MRA) is valid only at National.
Will Enterprise provide an eReceipt?
- No, a receipt is provided at the time of vehicle return, or you can obtain a receipt from enterprise.com.
Can I update my profile when I rent from Enterprise?
- New information can be added to your current rental, but these changes aren't permanent. However, you can update your profile anytime at emeraldclub.com.
With National, I have a central billing account. Will Enterprise recognize this?
- In most cases you will need to secure the Enterprise rental with a credit card. Please check with your company’s travel manager on your specific central billing benefits.
When should I reserve a car with Enterprise rather than National?
- If you need to rent where National does not provide service, your Emerald Club profile information can be used to expedite your Enterprise rental.
How do I reserve at Enterprise with my Emerald Club number?
- There are three options — you may:
  1.   Call Enterprise at 866-206-3518.
  2.   Contact your travel professional.
  3.   Go online to enterprise.com.
    Click on the Emerald Club tab in the middle of the screen.
Can I bypass the counter and choose my own vehicle at Enterprise?
- No, but you will receive Enterprise's award winning service which includes an expedited counter transaction.
May I rent from Enterprise and return the vehicle to National, or vice-versa?
- No, National and Enterprise don’t allow vehicle returns to another brand. Please return any vehicle to the brand from which you rented.
Should I reserve in advance at Enterprise?
- Yes, you should make your reservation with your Emerald Club number before arriving at Enterprise.


You’ll need to provide your Emerald Club number to earn credit for your rental. To make a reservation:

  1. Call 1-866-206-3518
    Remember to have your Emerald Club number available.
  2. Visit enterprise.com
    and click on the Emerald Club tab in the middle of the screen.
  3. Contact your travel agent
    Remember to update your traveler profile to include your Emerald Club number for your National and Enterprise rentals.